Monday, December 26, 2005

the Binch's Wench

Wafah Dufour formerly, Wafah Binladen, daughter of Carmen Binladen or Dufour (depending on the weather) and Yeslam Binladen, has attempted to cause some shockwaves by posing in GQ magazine wearing little clothes. You see, young Wafah wants to prove that she is as American as apple pie, and one of the best ways of doing this is by having provocative pictures published in a nationally syndicated magazine.

Now proving Americaness isn't a big problem for most people born in the U.S. like Ms. Dufour, but then again, most of us don't have terrorist masterminds for uncles - in her case, none other than Uncle Osama Bin Laden.

Now, I do feel for Ms. Dufour to some extent, being associated with Osama can never be a good thing. But, I find it strange that her mother kept the BinLaden name as recently as last year (when her book was published), and I recall Wafah keeping that name until recently.

What I do not understand, or get, is the poor girls need to herself focus on Bin Laden being her uncle, all while trying to be a pop singer. I doubt that some investigative reporter hounded her until she admitted to being a Bin Laden - rather, it seems that her singing skills are so lacking, that she herself must associated with the Binch in order to get it started.

Even more disgraceful is the fact that she isn't even that good looking. Poor girl.

Let her life be a warning to the easily seduced white women of America - don't marry Saudi princes studying in the U.S. Your daughter may end up like this poor soul. And you may end up having tons of plastic surgery and writing crappy books based on a one-time encounter with a crazy half-brother of your former husband who now lives in Switzerland and is trying to start his own perfume line. Yes, Yeslam Binladen is trying to start his own perfume line, I wonder what it will smell like - a mix of gunpowder and camels would be fitting considering his pedigree.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


It was a little over two years ago when Naseeb was birthed into the internet world. Aiming to be the Muslim equivalent of Friendster, and seeking to unite millions of desperate Muslim souls together in matrimony, it shot out of the gates with great vigour, gaining a good following and become a tool for young Muslims to meet, chat, and in some cases stalk one another.

Indeed, things were going well for Naseeb, and it continued to add features, including one that allowed members to submit articles. These would range from inspiring to stupid, but by and large, the new addition was a solid one that added to the attractiveness of the site.

And then what happened?

For beginners, Naseeb sold out big time. Not content to make money off of shoddy advertising, the owner of Naseeb decided to give added benefits to members who paid, fair enough, many websites have such systems. This did of course result in the banning of the infamous Borat character, who was a creation of a friend of mine (he can still be reached at ). Borat of course was one attraction to the Muslim meat market, he would add random friends, and then write them funny testimonials, his banning led to a solid number of defections from Naseeb in protest.

From there, things only got worse. Sending messages was next to bend over to the capitalist monster, people would now have to pay to simply say hello to another member. And then, rules were instituted that forced members to agree to a legal statement affirming that they really knew their online buddies, or face some sort of punishment for violating privacy rules. If that wasn't bad enough, the sell-outs at Naseeb began charging over $5 to send some crappy virtual flowers to other members.

This of course, was nothing, compared to the behaviour of the brain trust behind Naseeb. The forum given to members for artistic expression was handed over to cronies and close friends of the braintrust, in order to spew out rather shoddy propaganda for Progressive causes. One being the infamous Muslims for Bush, and their giddy founder, known to Naseebers as HassanDaddy (really).

Not only that, but Naseeb's brain trust becames so delusional, that it began to take aim at ISNA, which for the unintiated, is one of the largest and most important Muslim organizations in the United States. Naseeb decided to hijack the yearly ISNA convention (a meat market in itself), and hold a counter meeting, which was only attended by a double-digit number of people. All this of course, coming after a rather weak campaign to portray ISNA as a bully, via articles that were taken up by Dajjal's mouthpeice at MWU.

What the future holds for Naseeb is not difficult to predict. It will continue to suck money out of gullible, and lonely souls. Some people will meet through it, but due to the greed of it's backers, it has neutered itself and is not what it could have been. Instead, it is a collection of mostly 30-year olds, still living with their parents, or just graduated from Caribbean medical schools, looking for some love, and a way to not get a slipper in their mouth from their mother by marrying a non-Muslim.

The greatest sadness of this entire debacle is that these poor souls must suffer.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Muslims for Bush

I was doing some reading of politics online, and I came across the Muslims for Bush. This was an organization headed by an American-Pakistani family that sought to build support for the brilliant president of the United States. They had, and still have a spiffy website, complete with a message board where inbred idiots get to post hadiths and surahs out of context, and regurgitate garbage that they read at Little Green Footballs or Free Republic (which of course regurgitate the mental feces issued by Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer).

I posted on their forum for a while, and found it to have nothing to do with Muslim support for Bush - in large part because it was just another right-wing facist anti-Islamic board. But I can't fault the founders of Muslims for Bush (MFB) for that. What I can fault them for is their stupid logic and ideology. They claim to have founded the group because they felt that "Bush was good for Muslims". I wonder how, I'm not in the mood to go into the lengthy laundry list of complaints that Muslims have against him (and some have beaten to death), but I will say that this President is clearly not even good for the United States, and history will prove this...unless he somehow fights off the anti-Christ, but let us all hope that doesn't happen.

What really annoys me about these people is the fact that they are simpley stool pigeons for Bush, and their website is a horrible attempt to pander to Bush and other right-wingers. Much like the Muslims Against Terrorism, who apologized for terrorism (Muslims condemn terrorism, but why should I apologize for something that I didn't do) they represent spineless, worthless jellyfish, the type of Muslims who will not make it easier for Muslims in the US, but make it worse through their bending over for those who don't care much for Islam anyway.

In addition, the head of the organization is some guy who is my age, and whose greatest credentials seem to be that he is good at using his father's money, and making gay faces for cameras.

Exhibit A:

Not to say anything about his mother, who with him, look like the stereotypical corrupt Pakistanis who are currently sucking that country dry through corruption, and who would have no qualms about doing the same to the American Muslim community by selling it short, both politically, and intellectually.

Exhibit B:

Disgusting. Even worse is that the Progressive Muslim Union, a group that if they weren't involved with Islam would probably be a bunch of hippies in Berkeley enjoying body odor; invited the head of this organization to help found their own rather poor organization.

That should say something about the nature of both groups, more than their seemingly incompatible politics would.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ahmed Nassef is Dajjal

Dajjal has arrived everyone, and I have found him. He is none other than Ahmed Nassef.

Who is Mr. Nassef you ask?

He is the man behind the hilarious MuslimWakeUp!. Beyond that, he lives in New York City, attended UCLA, where he claims to have been president of the MSA, but our sources indicate that he is lying. What he did was rather found a fringe-group of fellow quasi-Muslims that did little more than cause headaches for other Muslims, Conservatives, and anyone who happened to walk by during one of their rants. In addition, Nassef runs a marketing company that is behind the promotions for Ms. Asra "I like Pre-Marital Sex" Nomani.

No wonder then, that MuslimWakeUp! was behind the staged women's prayer fiasco that rocked the Muslim internet back in March. It was a stroke of genius by Mr. Nassef that led to traffic for MWU going through the roof, and Ms. Nomani getting interviewed by clueless reporters who view Sonic the Hedgehog Manji as the Martin Luther of Islam.

But, in the long-run it failed, just as most people expected, it exposed these so called Progressive Muslims as nothing more than a fad - as the left-wing counterparts of the idiotic Arab Beverly Hillbillies who continue to work hard in their quest of destroying Islam, and who are unfortunately more effective in their campaigns. But that's another story.

Since then, MWU has returned to its roots: a haven for badly written crap about issues that noone cares about. The Progressive Muslim Union, of which Nassef was a founder fell apart, with a new organization being founded and head by Laury Silvers, although I don't see the difference between the two. Instead of one bad organization, we now have two organizations of nit-witted Muslims seeking out ways to shock others and who lack intellectual substance.

Despite this, you may be wondering, why is Ahmed Nassef Dajjal then (The anti-Christ, for my non-Muslim friends) - it's quite simple.

Look at him:

Yes, yes, he is ugly. But more importantly you will notice that hideous spot on his forehead, and this is the key. It may not look like much, but in a few months it will hold the key to the end of days - you see, his third eye will appear there. And any good Muslim knows that the Dajjal will have just one eye - Nassef's true eye is hiding behind that rather poor disguise, all in a horrible attempt to decieve people.

But I'm on to him - and I shall spread the word